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  1. Carolyn Combs

    I am an in home nurse who has a patient with a large skin tear from a fall a couple of weeks ago. Who is also diabetic. Wound was looking very angry so we put the Emu oil on, which has been provided by his daughter. To my shock in one week it was completely healed with new skin and dry scab at one end. This is a wonderful oil I am a firm believer now!!!! Will be using it on him frequantly as needed. Thank you, –Carolyn, Hermitage Mo.

  2. admin Post author

    Thank you Carolyn. I am glad emu oil is working. We use emu oil on all sorts of skin abrasions and inflammations. I hope you will recommend it to your other patients. Janean

  3. Marilyn Grunow

    I know first hand how good emu oil is for the skin. I used emu oil when I had my shingles and it definitely made my skin much softer and less scalely. Thanks for a terrific product. –Marilyn

    1. admin Post author

      Marilyn, thank you for your comment. I have heard of several folks that have used emu oil successfully on shingles. Luckily, I have never had chicken pox, so hopefully that is one I won’t get to test personally. We appreciate your support. Janean

  4. Sherry Garrison

    OH My Goodness!!! My feet are so very, very happy!! I just can not keep from feeling my own skin! Not kidding, this stuff is GREAT!!!! Just moved here from SE Alaska not sure if I want to tell my AK friends about it, because then won’t be able to get any…. (note to self, …send as gifts) Thanks Guys!!!! See You next week at the Market, as I will need to stock up, for my AK friends 🙂 7/23/2013

    1. Janean Post author

      Thanks so much. We are very pleased that you enjoy it. Remember if you need any products between market seasons, you can order online here by clicking on the products tab. Cheers

  5. Rachael Reiton

    Just happened to link to your site from the Farmers Market site and then decided to learn a little more about Emus. Tony and I try to chat at market, but usually someone comes along and we never seem to finish my education on the products! I learned quite a bit from the website today and am glad I got a chance to look. Thanks for the info, Rachael

    1. Janean Post author

      Rachael, Thanks for your comment. We really love getting to meet folks at market and I am glad you enjoyed the website. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our products or raising emus. The market continues until the end of October, so hope to see you there again. –Janean

  6. lisah

    We bought your emu oil this fall at the farmers markrt while we were on vacation visiting family. My husband has arthritis in his fingers and your oil has helped a lot. I am ordering more now before we run out. I am so glad we stopped at the farmers market and you stopped us to try your oil. Lisa

    1. Janean Post author

      Thanks for your comment and the endorsement for emu oil. It is truly a fabulous product and I am glad your husband is seeing arthritis relief. Our favorite part of the business is getting to meet folks at our markets and events. Please stay in touch and check back to our website next year for some new products. –Janean

  7. Megan Anderson

    I’m located in SW WA and came across your FB page while searching for local Emu farms. My husband and I are looking to add a pair of Emu’s to our homestead. Do you happen to have any chicks available this spring or know where I could find a place? I’d like to hand raise them. Thank you!

    1. Tony

      You are welcome to call us and we can discuss what you need. We should have chicks available May/June.
      Best wishes,

  8. Ronda Rich

    I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, and I have shared your emu oil and products with my Family and Friends and Tai Ji School. We have all had such wonderful results. For the scars of a total breast mastectomy my Son, for my friends I cherish who use it on their faces and necks 🙂 One girl friend has a disease that affects her face and nose, it helps the irritation caused by her glasses. Also for sunburns it has helps a lot I have been told. I have personally used the soap and pain rub as well on the my broken bones to help me train in my Tai ji. training. I use the oil for my skin, face and body and take it for my health as I am 64 and I have gotten comments on my skin and face for my age since I started using it :D.
    I love the owners of this farm they are kind and give the best customer support and for me that is everything. I am grateful they are in business with such wonderful integrity and have been so wonderful to me personally and to my family. Thank you is not enough to you all and the sweet birds who give us this sweet oil.

    1. Janean Post author

      Thanks so much for your comments. We really appreciate hearing from others about the wonderful effects of emu oil. Keep enjoying, and best of health to you.

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