3 Feathers Emu Ranch

Important Links

Links that we like:


The American Emu Association website has lots of information regarding the emu industry and is an important source for its members.


The Lewis County Community Farmers Market—Find us here and find tons of other local farm fresh food and handmade local products.

Local businesses:


Find our products in the Seattle area by visiting the Three Tree Wellness Center in Burien and get a great massage at the same time.  Tell Shari that 3 Feathers sent you.


Look here for great all organic soaps and other products.  All our soap recipes come from Bonnie–the soap Godess!

Raising Emus:


The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center’s page on Ostrich and Emu—Has great links to lots of other useful info on ostrich and emu.


USDA Food Safety and Inspection Fact sheet on Ratites.


Merck Veterinary Manual containing several pages of general overview on management, reproduction, diseases, and disorders of ratites.


Australian review of literature on the nutritional requirements of emus and ostriches—1995.


An article detailing a study to evaluate the nutrient profiles of ostrich and emu eggs.


An article from Iowa State University Extension on the nutritional guidelines for ostriches and emus.


This is a Canadian article that discusses the ratite industry in Canada in the 1990s.  While dated, it has some good data and background information on emus.