3 Feathers Emu Ranch

Pure Emu Oil

Emu Oil 2 ozOur emu oil is AEA certified fully refined by the American Emu Association.  It is a transdermal, non-greasy, easily absorbed natural moisturizer that is hypoallergenic and safe for skin.    It is commonly used to moisturize skin and soothe soreness. Our oil is physically refined in a two-step process  first, the oil is treated with natural clays under low absolute pressure and high temperatures to remove impurities, pigments, and bacteria that are absorbed onto these clays and removed through filtration. The oil is then deodorized to further sterilize it to remove any remaining bacteria and impurities.   The oil has no additives, chemicals, or hormones.   The oil comes in the following sizes:  1 oz. ($14.00);   2 oz. ($25.00);   4 oz. ($40.00);   8 oz. ($75.00);   16 oz. ($135.00);   and one gallon (128 oz.)($435.00)