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Handmade Emu Oil Soap


Our emu oil soap is handmade using cold processing methods and all natural ingredients. We use our AEA certified fully refined pure emu oil and local goats milk along with olive and coconut oil, distilled water and sodium hydroxide.  The result is a rich creamy soap that lathers well and moisturizes as it cleans.  Each batch is PH tested to assure it is safe and gentle to use on your skin.  Our bars are approximately 4 ounces each and come in the wonderful scents described below.  Please choose your favorite from the drop down at the bottom of the screen.

[[UPDATE:  Tea Tree scent and Rosemary, Sage, Tea Tree scent are currently out of stock;  we are busy making more.  Due to cure time expected date of availability is late January.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.]]

Rosemary Sage — this bar has pure essential oils of rosemary, sage, and tea tree and contains no added fragrance.  There are flecks of sage added as a natural exfoliator.  It has a light herbal scent and is a favorite with men and those who are sensitive to floral scents.

Tea Tree — this bar has pure tea tree essential oil and contains no added fragrance.  Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial and antiseptic oil that is great for use on cuts and scrapes.  This soap has a light fresh scent and is great for those with skin conditions.

Lavender — this bar has lavender essential oil and flecks of lavender as an exfoliator.  Lavender is a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic oil that is wonderfully calming and soothing for your skin and senses.

Empire Garden — this bar has a combination of essential oils and fragrances that give it a light and floral scent that reminds you of a sunny country garden.  It is our favorite!

Earth Princess — this bar has a combination of essential oils and fragrances that give it an exotic sugar and spice scent.  It has long been our best seller.

Natural — this bar has no added fragrances or essential oils and is a clean smelling soap that is especially good for those with sensitive skin.


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